Leadership in Turbulent Times
Creating and Sustaining a Powerful Vision


The more turbulent our times, the more vital it is that we change.  But most change is painful, sometimes very painful.  Why would anyone willingly endure that pain?  In that question lies the key the thriving in turbulent times.  It explains why some organizations hit “Mach 1” in quality, customer service and innovation while others are still on the runway.


Learning how to create and sustain a powerful vision is essential to every organization, leader and parent.  It goes far beyond the words on a piece of paper.  Most organizations have those words, but they are not enough.  This presentation goes beyond those words, and shows how to build on the vision work you may already have begun.


Wayne demonstrates the incredible difference effective vision can make in performance.  He relates the moving story of how he overcame stuttering, and his hilarious experiences in the Marines, showing how each of these relates to lessons in Vision.  He builds on the work of three diverse yet complementary pioneers, each with different lessons in creating a powerful image.  They understood that low morale, pessimism and under-performance all can be explained and reversed by understanding and using this powerful message.


Without a compelling and positive image, we become victims of fate.  Leadership in Turbulent times shows how each of us can regain that lost sense of urgency and passion.  It is possible to glide through the turbulence and actively shape your future, but the time to start is now!


A Few of the Benefits:


·         Explains why two organizations with the same knowledge and ability can perform so different when faced with dramatic change

·         Reveals techniques any organization can use to begin developing a powerful, compelling image of the future

·         Motivates people to see beyond the obvious pain of change, and truly see it as opportunity


“You were great.  Your style was terrific.  You energized the crowd.”

                                                Corning, Inc.


“We wanted a serious message, with some humor, that would motivate… Well, your presentation was right on target!”

                                                Ford Motor Co.