The Power of Paradigms

We are all capable of change, and are motivated to improve. Yet for most of us, we avoid or ac­tively resist changing our organizations, relationship to customers, approach towards our work, or aspects of our personal lives. Why do we seem to resist change, even when we see its benefits? The surprising answers can help your group achieve enormous advantage in their personal and professional lives.

This presentation has been made to boards of directors, MIS organizations, sales people and engi­neering groups, focuses on one of the keys to success in this decade -- Paradigms.   Paradigms are strongly held rules and regulations which keep people from being able to explore and shape their future successfully. They interfere with innovation by keeping people from seeing things in new ways.

This dynamic, challenging and humorous presentation is filled with specific examples from business, research and society to illustrate the incredible impact of paradigms. When customized, it can address both leveraging technology and how to guarantee a sustainable competitive advan­tage. Whether your group is for profit or not-for-profit, they will walk away challenged, stretched and charged with an enthusiasm for the opportunities of change.

A Few of the Benefits:

  • Helps people understand why they have not been successful at dealing with change and shows them how to be dramatically better at it.
  • Explains negative reactions to new ideas
  • Gives people more encouragement to take risks
  • Provides key insights on how to dramatically improve innovation, customer service, quality, globalization, teamwork and competitiveness.
  • Provides an ideal keynote for setting the stage for major changes.

"The information you introduced to our company will prove beneficial in the months (and years) to come. Your insight and enthusiasm were appreciated. I'm still hearing very positive feedback from your portion of our General Meeting."

                                                       Giant Eagle, Inc.