Power Productivity
Doing More with Less (and loving it!)

We're all going through it. Economic swings and instability are forcing us to cut back on ex­penses and slash overhead. Nothing new there, we've been down this road before— only this time the rules have changed.

We are no longer afforded the "luxury" of delivering the same level of service as before the cut­back. Competitive realities demand that we now deliver more service to our internal and external customers. Where we once recoiled at the thought of being asked to do the same with less, we are now required to actually deliver MORE.

This talk is targeted to those organizations who are facing what appears to be an almost impossi­ble squeeze. Because we truly feel we are doomed to failure, our response is often cynicism, low morale and reduced productivity. As we search for short cuts, we apply a LIFO solution to our problems — we typically shed our newest rules (quality, service, empowerment) and draw on our older inventory (back to basics).

There is a solution. Every one of us can use these limitations as an opportunity to rewrite our rules. We can fundamentally re-examine how we approach our jobs, and create new and excit­ing ways to approach the new challenges.  Our future is not predestined, our options are not closed. We can dramatically impact the rules with which we conduct our lives, and in doing so, shape our future.

In this uplifting and humorous talk, Wayne illustrates how other organizations have enjoyed dramatic, sometimes miraculous results in doing more with less. He explains why so many of the truly important solutions are invisible to us, and encourages constructive frustration in our failure to see those options. Most important, he shows how every one of us can begin to identify the new rules that will lead us to Power Productivity.

This session helps people understand that the boundary setting caused by fiscal constraints need not be debilitating. Responding to these limitations need not lead to the typical cycle of reduce costs during tough times, expand them when the pressure eases. Audiences are encouraged to "take up the challenge."

"The many ensuing thought-provoking dialogues... provided our attendees with much to think about and explore."

                                                  GSA, Washington, DC