Wayne Burkan
Change. Innovation. Anticipation.


Wayne Burkan is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker and author specializing in change, innovation and the future. His presentations are high-octane, humorous and stretching sessions that move every audience both emotionally and intellectually. His workshops and seminars produce results you can apply the next day.

Wayne has provided consulting to many of the world's top companies, including Motorola, Rockwell International, IBM, U.S. Steel and Sprint. His expertise includes change, strategic planning, innovation, anticipating trends, leadership, organizational development and strategic execution.

“It was a red letter day! Certainly, your presentation was key to making the day a real success. We wanted a serious message, with some humor, that would motivate our audience. Well, your presentation was right on target.” 
          Dave Olgren, Vice President Casting Division, Ford Motor Co.

Program Topics

Mastering Change and Innovation -- Shift your view of the world and what is possible -- this talk will open closed minds, and show you how to implement change.

Wide Angle Vision -- Increase innovation, customer satisfaction and gain a sustainable competitive advantage by learning to read the signals.

Leadership in Turbulent Times -- This revealing talk illustrates in both humorous and moving examples what a truly powerful vision must entail.

The Tactics of Persuasion: Eliminating Resistance to New Ideas -- Fast paced, funny and filled with specifics guaranteed to get people to listen, even when they absolutely don't want to change.

The Power of Paradigms -- participants can gain totally new perspectives on quality, service, team performance, innovation, competition, and a host of other topics all customized to your organization.

Power Productivity: Doing More with Less (and loving it) -- organizations are doing more with less. It requires more than merely tightening the belt, and goes beyond the tenants of quality that many of us are practicing today.