Tactics of Persuasion
Eliminating Resistance to New Ideas


How do you get people to change, even when they absolutely do not want to change?


Why do so many organizations find major change so frustratingly slow and expensive?


What specific techniques can you use that will dramatically increase your speed and effectiveness in introducing change?


While many groups and individuals wish to introduce new ideas as quickly and efficiently as possible, few understand the critical rules of this process.  By using the ten rules of the Tactics of Persuasion, you can much more easily introduce new ideas into both the external marketplace and your internal environment (where it is often the most difficult).


This presentation focuses on the key tactics and illustrates them with both provocative and hilarious examples.  It also has an interactive component for involving the audience and getting them to test each tactic with their own experience.


Applying these techniques, you are virtually guaranteed that your ideas will receive a very active hearing, even under the worst of circumstances.


A Few of the Benefits:


·         Gives invaluable tips on how to get people to truly be open to your ideas, even when they absolutely don’t want to change!

·         Offers a step-by-step checklist to measure potential success

·         Perfect for sales professionals, who are constantly trying to get prospects and customers to change

·         Illustrates and explains why organizational change so often fails, and reveals how to reverse that failure


“… the videotape does not do justice to the quality of the presentation.  Many groups and subsequent speakers tied your 10 steps to their comments.  Numerous comments indicated they appreciated your approach, substance and advice…”

                                                            ESCOP National Futuring Conference