Wide Angle Vision
Delighting Customers, Discovering Markets


Do you want your company to grow?  Are you worried about its survival?  Either way, look for the people and organizations on the edge of your business.  Your Fringe competitors.  Lost customers.  Rogue employees.


In Tom Peters’ latest book, Re-imagine! he praised Wayne’s Wide Angle Vision:  “I considered my `weird’ thesis to be wholly original – that is, until I stumbled across Wayne Burkan’s marvelous book… This chapter, I gleefully admit, piggybacks off Mr. Burkan’s ideas.”


Your group will be entertained, challenged and armed with specific, actionable techniques for developing new markets, delighting customers and innovating like never before.  They will learn how to apply the power of the edge, gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.


“Wayne Burkan has brought our attention to a great source of potential opportunities for profitable growth if we take his advice and really listen to those challenging customers, potential customers, small competitors, and unhappy employees whom we often want to dismiss as difficult.”

                                    Donald H. Davis, President and COO, Rockwell Int’l.


The edge emits signals that can tell you want the future is likely to look like.  Nabisco read the signals and captured a market.  U.S. forklift manufacturers ignored the signals, and lost a market.  People Express finally read the signals… the day they filed for bankruptcy.  Anyone can learn the simple yet powerful techniques for anticipating the future.  They require neither money nor bleeding-edge technology, yet they can deliver long-term sustainable advantage to all who apply them.


Some of the Material Covered:

·         How to expand markets and delight customers.

·         Anticipation techniques taught by the Secret Service

·         Using the edge to solve your most difficult problems

·         Infuse your planning with power by integrating anticipation techniques

·         Double your innovativeness and double your fun


“Our members do not tolerate fools gladly.  Fortunately, there was no worry with Wayne Burkan.  While he has a delivery that is very motivational, the content was both stimulating and thought provoking.  Just what our CEO’s were looking for!  Wayne Burkan was a great success!”

                                                PSMA Management Conference